Cathode–Electrolyte Interphase in a LiTFSI/Tetraglyme Electrolyte Promoting the Cyclability of V2O5

Autors: Xu Liu, Maider Zarrabeitia, Bingsheng Qin, Giuseppe Antonio Elia and Stefano Passerini.

Summary: The use of a LiTFSI/tetraglyme (1:1 in mole ratio) electrolyte yields a highly enhanced cycling ability of V2O5 (from 20% capacity retention to 80% after 100 cycles at 50 mA g–1 within 1.5–4.0 V vs Li+/Li). The enhanced cyclability is a consequence of a thinner but more stable cathode–electrolyte interphase (CEI) layer formed in LiTFSI/tetraglyme with respect to the one occurring in 1 M LiPF6 in EC/DMC (1:1 in weight ratio, LP30).These results show that the cyclability of V2O5 can be effectively improved by simple electrolyte engineering. At the same time, the uncovered mechanism further reveals the vital role of the CEI on the cyclability of V2O5, which can be helpful for the performance optimization of vanadium-oxide-based batteries


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