Opening the door to liquid-free polymer electrolytes for calcium batteries

Autors: C.S. Martinez Cisneros, A. Fernandez, C. Antonelli, A. Varez, K. Vezzù, V. Di Noto, J.-Y. Sanchez

Summary: This work studies calcium-conducting, solvent-free polymer electrolytes in the framework of today’s post-lithium battery strategies. The samples consist of three calcium salts: (i) Ca(CF3SO3)2; (ii) Ca(TFSI)2; and (iii) CaI2 hosted by commercial poly (oxyethylene) (POE). The data collected indicate that the polymer electrolytes consist of stable macromolecular solutions of these calcium salts. The polymer electrolytes yield conductivities exceeding 0.1 mS cm−1; POE-Ca(CF3SO3)2 reaching, at the moderate concentration O/Ca = 30, a conductivity of 0.47 mS cm−1.


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