Interplay between conductivity, matrix relaxations and co,position of Ca-Polyoxyethylene polymer Electrolytes

Autors: Gioele Pagot, Keti Vezzù, Cynthia Susana Martinez-Cisneros, Claire Antonelli, Belen Levenfeld, Alejandro Varez, Jean-Yves Sanchez and Vito Di Noto

Summary: In this report, the conductivity mechanism of Ca2+-ion in polyoxyethylene (POE) solid polymer electrolytes (SPEs) for calcium secondary batteries is investigated by broadband electrical spectroscopy studies. The investigation of the electric response of the synthetized SPEs reveals the presence in materials of two polarization phenomena and two dielectric relaxation events.The long-range charge migration processes occurring along the two revealed percolation pathways of the electrolytes are generally coupled with the polymer host dynamics and depend on the temperature and the anion nature. This study offers the needed tools for understanding Ca2+ conduction in POE-based electrolytes.


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