Effective Solid Electrolyte Interphase Formation on Lithium Metal Anodes by Mechanochemical Modification

Autors: Wellmann, J.; Brinkmann, J.-P.; Wankmiller, B.; Neuhaus, K.; Rodehorst, U.; Hansen, M. R.; Winter, M.; Paillard, E

Summary: Lithium metal batteries are gaining increasing attention due to their potential for significantly higher theoretical energy density than conventional lithium ion batteries. Here, we present a novel mechanochemical modification method for lithium metal anodes, involving roll-pressing the lithium metal foil in contact with ionic liquid-based solutions, enabling the formation of an artificial solid electrolyte interphase with favorable properties such as an improved lithium ion transport and, most importantly, the suppression of dendrite growth, allowing homogeneous electrodeposition/-dissolution using conventional and highly conductive room temperature alkyl carbonate-based electrolytes. As a result, stable cycling in symmetrical Li∥Li cells is achieved even at a high current density of 10 mA cm–2. Furthermore, the rate capability and the capacity retention in NMC∥Li cells are significantly improved.


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