Understanding of crucial factors for improving the energy density of lithium-sulfur pouch cells Autors: J. Alberto Blazquez, Olatz Leonet, Álvaro Doñoro, Ana Fernández-Barquín,  Andriy Kvasha and Idoia Urdampilleta Summary: Rechargeable lithium−sulfur (Li−S) batteries are the most promising next-generation energy storage system owing to their high energy density and low cost. Despite the increasing number of publicationsContinue reading “Publication”


Effective Solid Electrolyte Interphase Formation on Lithium Metal Anodes by Mechanochemical Modification Autors: Wellmann, J.; Brinkmann, J.-P.; Wankmiller, B.; Neuhaus, K.; Rodehorst, U.; Hansen, M. R.; Winter, M.; Paillard, E Summary: Lithium metal batteries are gaining increasing attention due to their potential for significantly higher theoretical energy density than conventional lithium ion batteries. Here, we presentContinue reading “Publication”


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