CIDETEC is a private organization for applied research founded in 1997.

Located in the city of Donostia-San Sebastián, CIDETEC is comprised of three international technological reference institutes in Energy Storage, Surface Engineering and Nanomedicine.

The Institute of Energy Storage is specialized in creating new battery technology according to specific challenges, and its ultimate transference to the industry. The institute has the capacity to develop complete products and processes and offers material validation, pilot manufacture, pack engineering and battery testing services.

CIDETEC Energy Storage cooperates closely with the industry in the context of bilateral, direct contract research and product development projects, both at the National and International level.

Main role of the project:

CIDETEC Energy Storage is acting as leader of the work package “Electrodes manufacturing and cell testing” bringing its know-how on electrode formulation, processing and cell prototyping. This is a key role to support the manufacturing and testing at lab-scale of Ca-based battery prototypes and hence, to contribute to the proof-of-concept of this emerging battery technology.

All the activities related to VIDICAT will be performed by the Unit of Energy Materials at CIDETEC Energy Storage, which is composed of a team of project managers, material scientists, electrochemists and technicians.

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Data of involved researchers:

Dr. J. Alberto Blázquez Martín (male) has a Ph.D in Chemistry (2006, University of the Basque Country, UPV/EHU). He is Research Scientist and Project Manager in the Unit of Materials for Energy at CIDETEC Energy Storage. He has been involved in the development of active materials and electrolytes for primary alkaline batteries, industrial zinc air alkaline batteries, zinc air secondary batteries, lithium ion and lithium sulfur technologies and PEMFC, with the main objective of providing information and technology solutions that add value to the industry. He has participated in several scientific and R&D projects supported by national and international public entities as project coordinator and WP leader. He is author and co-author of more 30 peer-reviewed international scientific journals and 8 patents

Dr. Luis César Colmenares (male) has a Ph.D in Electrocatalysis (2009, University of Ulm, Germany). He spent 5 years as Research Scientist at SINTEF Materials and Chemistry (Norway), participating in different EU funded projects related to materials for fuel cell, electrolyzers and metal-air batteries, some of them as project coordinator or work package leader. During 4 years he coordinated the subprogramme “Catalyst and Electrodes” in frame of the European Energy Research Alliance Joint Programme in Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technology (EERA FC&H2). At the Unit of Materials for Energy at CIDETEC Energy Storage he focuses on zinc-air batteries and alternative battery technologies to Li-based. He is author or co-author of more than 20 peer-reviewed international scientific journals (over 950 citations), one book chapter and one patent.