ERAS Labo is a French SME and was founded in 1991. The laboratory is located at 222 D 1090, 38330 Saint Nazaire les Eymes (France).

This company results from a transfer of technology, from University-CNRS laboratory (UMR 5616) to the industry.

Twelve people are permanently working at ERAS Labo, including four PhD’s. Part time employees and trainees (2 to 4) come in addition to them.

ERAS Labo is c-GMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) certified company and is acknowledged by the French Ministry for Research to perform R&D activities.

ERAS Labo has a wide range of equipment supporting its activities (NMR, HPLC, IRTF, UV, ICP, A.A., reactors…)

It is specialized in custom synthesis and has activities in a diversity of fields (ability to adapt small-scale syntheses to pilot syntheses and conduct the related technic-economy studies).

The c-GMP certification allows ERAS Labo to produce and trade active molecules used as drugs.

This activity has been focused for 25 years on the precursor’s production of radiopharmaceuticals; the best customers in this field are IBA-CIS bio international (B and F), GI PHARMA (I), TRASIS (B).